Get Involved

Change in the community starts with one person at a time one small action at a time. Here are suggestions on things you can do to get involved and help your community. 

Contact Us! Become a Part of Our Team

Take an active role in turning the tide against the Opioid Epidemic in our community by joining the Sacramento County Opioid Coalition! . Email us to join and start attending coalition meetings! Learn what we do on our About Us page. 


Present at a Coalition Meeting

Do you have a personal work experience related to substance use and opioids and want to share it with our coalition?

Advocate or Attend a Local Governance Meeting

Every month Sacramento County officials  meet on topics related to Opioid Use and Substance Us. Attending these meetings is a great way to voice your opinion and direct county resources where the public needs them the most! 

Follow Safe Disposal Practices

Keep medications protected.. Properly disposing of controlled substances and  related items like sharps is important for our community safety.

  • Go to our Safe Disposal page to learn more!
  • Consider storing your medications in a locked box to keep away from children or others who might misuse them 
  • Dispose of controlled substances in designated safe disposal sites

Naloxone Training and Distribution

Those who have regular contact with someone at high risk of overdose (i.e. law enforcement, medical personnel, concerned family member or friend)  should think about becoming a Naloxone carrier. With training, you may be able to reverse an overdose.


  • Go to our Naloxone page to learn more! 
  • Get Naloxone Now website offers information and 20 minute trainings
  • Apply to the California Public Health Department Naloxone Grant Program and find Naloxone Training Videos (located under the Naloxone training session) 

Learn More! Share What You Learn with Others

Help us raise public awareness of Opioid Use Disorder and share the facts about what we as a community can best do to help.

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