Safe Disposal

On this page, you can learn how to conduct safe disposal practices and find safe disposal sites. Safe disposal helps keep opioids out of the hands of those who could misuse them. Our coalition worked with local businesses to get a total of 14 safe disposal sites up and running. With further work and collaboration, we hope to get more up and running in our community. 

Store Medications in a Secure Location

It is important to keep medications out of reach of those who could misuse them. This includes children, teenagers and even adults who might be attempted to take them.  Find out more here

Medication lock boxes are a great option to provide additional security, especially if you live in a communal space, such as a dorm. 

Dispose in Designated Safe Sites

There are many sites to drop off unwanted/unused medications.  See the list below. If you can’t find a site to dispose of your unwanted medications, learn about your other options at this FDA site. 

Do Not Share Medication

Never share your prescription medication. Prescriptions are only written when a doctor deems it absolutely necessary. Medications are harmful when someone takes ones that are not prescribed to them.

Find Safe Disposal Sites for Medications and Sharps

Sacramento County Safe Medication Disposal Kiosks

Dispose of controlled prescription medications in safe medical collection sites to protect our community from substance abuse. Not sure if your medication is a controlled substance? Here is a list of controlled prescription medications

Map of Safe Medication Disposal Kiosks

List of  Safe Medication Disposal Kiosks

Don’t Rush to Flush Drug Disposal Locator


The Don’t Rush to Flush website offers a map and easy instructions on how to easily dispose of unwanted medications in the state of California. California Product Steward Council (CPSC) created this resource.

DEA Safe Disposal Locator

Website: Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations

This website has a list and maps of collectors authorized by the DEA to takeback-controlled substances. 

Here are DEA Drug Disposal Guidelines to that give clear steps on what to do to prepare  for disposal.