Safe Pain Management

This page has many helpful resources on managing pain safely without opioids and how to be cautious when taking prescription opioids.

To promote safe pain management, The Sacramento County Opioid Coalition and Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society collaborated with prescribers to reduce opioid prescriptions through prescriber and patient education. We created this web page and a promotional poster.

Our goal is to better inform patients of their options and promote complimentary methods of pain management within the Sacramento, Yolo and El Dorado county regions. 

We are distributing posters promoting safe pain management to  pharmacies and primary care facilities throughout the Sacramento region.

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Read Safe Prescribing Guidelines

Prescribing rates have gone down in Sacramento County throughout the years, which means more people are getting pain treatment without being prescribed opioids. However, there is still progress to be made with Opioid prescription rates and opioids in general. 

Recently, there has been an increase in opioid overdose deaths in Sacramento County. This tells us we still have have a lot of work to do. Opioids in new forms, such as synthetic drugs like Fentanyl, are growing a larger presence in our county. Find more county specific data on our Opioids in Sac County page.

Your Pain is Real
Let's Find Ways to Treat The Real Problem

Chronic pain is complex and the solution is usually not simple. Opioids are not the “one fits all solution,” but in fact can often be harmful. The primary purpose is not for chronic pain. Only in exceptional cases are they really safe to use beyond a short period of time. Those who are prescribed opioids for chronic pain have legitimate pain management needs that are assessed and carefully managed by medical professionals. 

Everyone deserves the freedom to live healthy and pain free . There are many resources for those with chronic pain to explore. Along with the collaboration of their doctor, determine what method or methods suit their needs. 

alternative treatments card deck created by UC Davis DiPi  and the  Hill Country Health and Wellness Center / Shasta County, CA

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