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Monday, February 26th, 2024

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Working with the County

Our coalition works with the county and coroner’s office to provide updated information on the ongoing fentanyl crisis. Click here to learn about the 2023 Sacramento County fentanyl related deaths and explore our website to learn about what our coalition is doing to provide support to these communities.

What We Do


The coalition promotes prevention of opioid use through education, awareness, and community events.

Harm Reduction

We provide Narcan, educational materials, and other resources used in reducing opioid overdose deaths.

Recovery and Support

We provide resources to local recovery centers, support groups, and promote Medication Assisted Treatment for those with opioid use disorder.

about OUR coalition

The Opioid Coalition provides a variety of resources to community members of the greater Sacramento region. Through community events, partnering with local nonprofit organizations, providing free resources and supporting recovery centers, the coalition aims to reduce the amount of opioid overdose deaths and help those with opioid use disorder get the treatment and support they need.


We are constantly growing and giving to our community. Here are some statistics from 2023.

Naloxone Kits Distributed
Coalition Members
Community Events
Community Members Served

Interested in becoming a coalition member?

Learn more about what being in the coalition means and what we do to help the Sacramento County.

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