Fentanyl Facts

Synthetic Opioids are increasingly the cause of opioid overdose deaths. Significantly stronger in concentration and often hidden from consumers, Fentanyl is a growing street presence in Sacramento. The Sacramento County Opioid Coalition launched an October 2020 Social Media Campaign to raise awareness of the issue in our community. Help us share Fentanyl Facts and protect people from opioid overdose deaths.

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Sacramento Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

Through our efforts and those of our partners, we have reduced both the demand for and supply of Opioids in our community. Even one overdose is too many. With an increase in Fentanyl use, overdoses in Sacramento and the United States are on the rise. 

Is Fentanyl Really That Harmful?

  1. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than Morphine and 50 times stronger than Heroin. A lethal dose of Fentanyl is just .002 grams – several lethal doses could fit on Abraham Lincoln’s head on a penny. Users of Opioids obtained on the street should be particularly cautious, as the overwhelming majority of these drugs are disguised to look like legitimately produced pills, when in fact they were haphazardly produced in dangerously unregulated settings by drug cartels.

Any Opioid users must be really cautious because Fentanyl is often cut into other drugs. You might be taking a MUCH larger dose than you expect. 

This graph from the  National Institute on Drug Abuse shows deaths from prescription opioids are stabilizing but deaths from use of at synthetic opioids like Fentanyl  is rising.

30 Second PS Fentanyl PSA

15 Second Fentanyl PSA

Resources and News

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