Gone Too Soon

 The Sacramento County Opioid Coalition has started the Gone Too Soon Memorial Poster Project to remember those who lost their lives to opioids in the Sacramento region. We are asking the community for permission to utilize their loved one’s photo with some words about them. If this epidemic has changed your world as it has ours, we would be honored to have your participation in our project.  Permission must come from next of kin.

To share your loved one’s story, please download the SCOC permission form and email it to Lauren Werner at [email protected].

Gone Too Soon will display a series of poster-size photos of those lost to opioids. We are putting a face to the statistics showing our community the great loss we have all faced, together and apart. The posters will also be shared through this website, social media, in-person, and video. 

Posters will feature two descriptive words that show the audience part of their personality and what they liked to do (i.e. Compassionate, Musician). The photos and information will be displayed to educate and heal our community, and each are treated and stored with respect. We would be honored to have support from you and your loved ones in increasing awareness on the dangers of opioids and in the possibility of preventing future poisonings and overdoses.   

Gone Too Soon Flyers

The Gone Too Soon Memorial Poster Project is focused in the Greater Sacramento region.

These flyers help us reach more people to participate and increases awareness on opioid overdose prevention. If you or your group is interested in this information, please email [email protected] to order materials at no cost.


Good People Take Drugs, Drugs Take Good People.

Harm Reduction Saves Lives.


The Gone Too Soon Project began October 2022, and has reached over 24,000 community members as of February 2023