CDPH Announcement on Guidelines


On behalf of the Statewide Overdose Safety (SOS) Workgroup and partners, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is releasing the attached action notice to share widely as appropriate. This action notice for providers details best practices to consider and offers supportive resources to use when inheriting patients on opioid therapy due to facility closures and other causes. This action notice is signed by CDPH, Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), and the Medical Board of California (MBC).


Please see a summary of information below.


Topic:  Best practices for providers who inherit patients on opioids


Action:  Alert, best practice recommendations, support, and resources


Summary:  The purpose of this action notice is to provide best practices, support, and resources for providers who inherit patients on opioids, including:

·         Continue opioid therapy for patients in transition.

·         Develop a patient-centered, individualized care plan.

·         Use caution when tapering opioid therapy.

·         Document patient care decisions.

·         Prescribe buprenorphine when appropriate.  


Link:  Statewide Overdose Safety (SOS) Workgroup Action Notice: Best Practices for Providers Who Inherit Patients on Opioids (PDF)

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