Naloxone Distribution

The Sacramento County Coalition worked to ensure opioid overdoses could be reversed in our county. After receiving a grant from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Sacramento Public Health Department acquired 1,450 2-dose kits of naloxone nasal spray. Through careful planning and collaboration in the coalition, the kits were distributed where they were most needed.

Nine law enforcement agencies submitted a training plan approved by Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services and participated in the project, giving officers the tools they need to reverse overdoses encountered in the field.

Two community-based organizations also participated. These agencies already distributed injectable Naloxone in their opioid overdose reversal training programs. Their allocated Naloxone kits were designated to be given to family and friends of opioid users.

Why Naloxone is Essential to Our Mission

Naloxone counters the life threatening effects of opioids and can reverse overdoses.

The CDC reported one brand of the drug, Naloxone (Narcan), has reversed 26,463 overdoses from 1994-2014.

During an overdose, a person’s breathing is depressed and stops. Naloxone can help reverse this effect.  The National Harm Reduction Coalition  has a dedicated page to understanding Naloxone and its purpose. 

Naloxone is a non-addictive prescription and has no effect on people who do not have opioids in their system. Read more in detail about the science of Naloxone at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 


Narcan is a common brand name for Naloxone made by Opiant Pharmaceuticals.  There are other brands of the prescription drug, Naloxone, such as Nalone, Evzio, Prenoxad Injection, Narcanti, Narcotan.

Administering Naloxone

Naloxone will save a life. If you or someone you know uses opiates, have Naloxone with you. Pharmacies in California can sell Naloxone without a prescription. If you plan on getting Naloxone, make sure to look into getting training on how to to administer it. 

Information About Naloxone and Training

Naloxone Access Options in California, California Health Care Foundation

Apply to get free Naloxone Kits at the Department of Health Care Services Naloxone Distribution Project 

Get Naloxone Now website offers information and 20 minute trainings

Overdose Prevention, National Harm Reduction Coalition 

How to Use a Naloxone Kit Booklet, UC Davis Dipi

The National Harm Reduction Coalition is not just a great resource to learn more about Naloxone and but a wealth of information for learning about treatment and prevention.